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Alex Vaz

A highly motivated sales and client service manager who spent half of his career in creative and marketing and the other half in business and start-up development. Over 20 years of experience working with Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) and Mid-Market (SME) companies within a variety of industries, including Technology and Healthcare. In-depth knowledge of developing and selling products, services, creating ideas, and generating Pipelines. Implemented high-performance advertising campaigns through Traditional Marketing and Social Media. A creative leader who can prioritize time, manage concurrent projects, and thrive in fast-paced work environments. Multi-lingual (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) with multi-cultural experience.


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• Sales Strategy

• Marketing Strategy

• Account Management

• Partnerships

• Business Development

• Customer Success

• Fundraising Initiatives

• Branding and Re-branding

• Marketing Campaigns

• Creative Direction

• Marketing Materials

• Online Marketing

• Invention and Innovation

Assist clients in enhancing business potential, increasing market share, and improving ROI by creating sustainable and innovative approaches, marketing initiatives, and creative materials to improve brand awareness and develop revenue growth.


Keen interest in working with for-profit, non-profits, and start-ups that have a great concern for improving the quality of our lives and our environment's condition, including helping community development. Appreciate working with any products and services that can create momentum for a better life.


“Alex is the rare executive that combines creative and business skills. I have always been impressed with Alex's ability to understand a complex situation, and then deliver the creative to not only satisfy the vision, but go beyond. I would not hesitate to work with Alex again, and look forward to the next opportunity to do so.”

- Robert Brown, COO and General Counsel,
Pragmatic Solutions, Inc.

"After I left my position as Director of Channel Partnerships for an international advertising agency, I opened up my own real estate brokerage firm and consulted with Alex on every aspect of branding and marketing for my company.  In advertising, I learned the importance of branding, product development, marketing and relationship building.  Alex exceeded all of my expectations in those areas."

- Samantha Nguyen, President, Nestegg Inc.

“Alex is an extremely professional creative director capable of following through on his concepts perfectly. His work rarely misses the mark, saving time and money.”

- Bob Carilli, Managing Partner,
Essentials, LLC.

“Alex is an innovative designer with tremendous capabilities. His professionalism and the attention he pays to important details makes him the kind of Creative Director who is a friend to the QA process. His know-how makes him an asset to any team looking to deliver a great-looking, quality product.”

- Mark Jordan, QA Director, Veritasiti Corporation

“Alex was a true asset to have as a co-worker. Always conscious of the "big picture" when creating his designs, Alex held himself to the highest of standards not only in aesthetics, but also in maximizing the marketing impact of every project he worked on. I learned a great deal from Alex both on a technical level, and it was also an inspiration to work with someone so pro-active and driven. He was sorely missed when he left, and any company would be lucky to have him.”

- Doron Orenstein, Senior Web Developer,

"Alex’s creativity is unsurpassed, but why I really enjoy working with him is that I can trust him to manage his own projects. He is detail oriented and makes sure the project gets done on-time and is not afraid to communicate if he detects and issue or needs clarification. I am always in good hands with Alex… my highest recommendation!"

- Chuck Bankoff, Director of Web Services and Digital Marketing Strategist - Kreative Webworks, Inc.


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"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

—Albert Einstein

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